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meet Oregon media
a small but mighty team
of creatives located
in central Oregon
about us

We truly believe that what we offer enriches the lives of the communities we love—and it shows in how we live our own lives. Caring, friendly and down-to-earth, we’re passionate about connecting and supporting people and telling their authentic stories with creativity, honesty and integrity. Open-minded, smart and curious, we’re committed to quality in all that we do and leading our evolving industry by example.

Treating people right—and doing the right thing—is in our DNA. That attitude includes each other, our customers, our partners, our communities. By weaving this mindset into our goals for expansion, while maintaining our core spirit, we’ll be right where we want to be.
We absolutely love what we do—and it shows! We’re a lifestyle business that is all about connecting people and places—and it’s important that we represent that true spirit. Our fun, adventurous and genuinely friendly mindset is infectious—and will shine through in our brand representation.
With a vision that is true to who we are and where we want to go, we know we’ll stand out with a unique authenticity and a credibility that continues to gain the trust and following of our customers as we grow.
Every day, we are committed to giving our best—strong customer service, creative design, world-class and relevant content, and unique, meaningful storytelling that makes us stand out in our industry. This focus will propel us forward as we evolve with expertise and integrity.
Our credibility is rooted in our history and our strong relationships. We are true Oregonians in spirit! We embody the true, pioneering Oregon spirit— and we want to translate that spirit into an appeal that transcends location.
For us, it’s all about the connections we help make. It’s what gets us up out of bed every day! We’re passionate about telling stories that showcase real people, relevant events, and compelling content that when combined, enrich the lives of communities around us.
meet our team
Heather Johnson | Chief Executive Officer
Heather Johnson
Chief Executive Officer
Ross Johnson
Ross Johnson
Katryna Vecella
Katryna Vecella
Associate Publisher
Cheryl Parton | Editor in Chief
Cheryl Parton
Editor in Chief
DSCF5993-Edit - Copy
Heidi Hausler
Associate Editor
DSCF5976-Edit - Copy
Lee Lewis Husk
Managing Editor
R6_23829-Edit - Copy
Chloe Green
Staff Writer
Kelly Alexander
Kelly Alexander
Creative Director
Jeremiah Crisp
Jeremiah Crisp
Graphic Designer
Tiffany Paulin
Tiffany Paulin
Creative Consultant
Cali Clement
Cali Clement
Director of Marketing
Ronnie Harrelson
Ronnie Harrelson
Sr. Account Executive
Susan Crowe
Susan Crow
Sr. Account Executive
DSCF6034 - Copy
Kira Hancock
Account Assistant
Heather Renee Wong
Heather Renee Wong
Director of Operations
Amara Spittler
Amara Spittler
Circulation Manager
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