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VIA Writers Guidelines

Via: the Magazine of AAA Oregon | Idaho


Via, the Magazine of AAA Oregon | Idaho, reaches a loyal and highly engaged audience of members, who seek information and inspiration to enhance their lives from a trusted source. Content about membership benefits and tips for road travel, alongside inspiring and informative travel journalism, is delivered to members’ mailboxes in this top-notch publication six times a year. With a distribution of over 500,000, Via reaches a readership of one million people each issue. Via is the No. 1 source of travel advice for members, after friends and relatives.

Oregon Media produces all content and design for Via in contract with the AAA Oregon | Idaho branch. We work with freelance writers and photographers around the region to produce high quality content that inspires and informs readers to take action to travel and live better.

The Magazine

Articles for Via Magazine are largely written by freelance writers. We accept story pitches (queries) for features. Your idea has a better chance of being picked up if you tailor it to our magazine style as well as to one of our specific story categories. Please read through back issues before pitching to demonstrate your understanding of our publication. See the AAA Oregon | Idaho site for past articles.


A themed regional travel round up anchored by a narrative first-person travel experience (five ski areas to hit this winter; destination spa resorts; six winter storm watching destinations)— five pages


An in-depth, informational story about a travel or home trend, tip or topic (electric car travel tips; multigenerational travel; college visits on a family road trip; inventory your home for insurance purposes) —five pages


Destination travel to a region or city in the American West and beyond (birdwatching in Texas, kayaking in Maine, adventure in San Diego)—five pages


Sights, Eats, Outdoors, Stays and Shops over a two-to-three-day stay in a regional city—two pages


Change of address: Allow four weeks’ advance notice. Call AAA Oregon | Idaho at (888) 422-2503 or email the Membership Department at zrzorefuvc@NNNbertba.pbz

Contact advertising: fnyrf@bertbazrqvn.pbz

Consideration for editorial coverage: ivnrqvgbevny@bertbazrqvn.pbz

Submit editorial queries: see submission guidelines below

Submit photography: see submission guidelines below


Oregon Media editors accept queries for Via Magazine year-round, although writers should be aware that the editorial calendar is typically set in September for the entire following year. To that end, the best time to send ideas is during the summer, with the understanding that queries sent other times may sit in the idea pool for some time.

Good queries command attention. Via Magazine articles are focused, lively, descriptive, informative, authoritative and inspiring; queries should reflect that style. The query should also reflect the tone of the publication; AAA strives to be a trusted, vetted source for members on topics of travel and road trip tips.

We prefer standard query structure: A) a paragraph or two describing what the proposed article is about, B) a paragraph telling us why we specifically should run this story and when, C) a paragraph about you, your experience, and why you should write this story for us. 

Submit Via Magazine queries with two writing samples to editor Cheryl Parton at purely@bertbazrqvn.pbz

The fine print: Assignments, should they be given, will be detailed in email. We aim to assign stories four to eight weeks in advance of deadline. We pay upon publication. Pay rate varies. Via Magazine buys first North American serial rights. We follow the Oregon Media styleguide. Upon assignment, a writer will be sent our style guide for reference. Completed story assignments should be submitted via email. The editor may edit a writer’s work and/or return a submission for revisions, or both.


We are always on the lookout for talented photographers. To inquire about submitting stock photos for Via Magazine, or to be considered to photograph for our publications on assignment, please contact neg@bertbazrqvn.pbz.